East Finchley High Road Sustainability Event



East Finchley High Road Sustainability Event



MillsPower hosted a stall at East Finchley Town Team’s Sustainable High Road event on Saturday 3rd September. Our model of the wider section of the High Road was a talking point for some great conversations about how to improve sustainability for locals and traders.

The East Finchley Town Team 🡢 hosted its first of three events on the High Road last weekend. We had many interesting conversations with local residents, business owners and politicians. Here are some instant thoughts from the event:

Lots of people said they want better air quality 🡢. If you think this through, you’d need to slow traffic and have fewer cars to reduce emissions, that could mean more walking and cycling is encouraged, or more electric cars, needing more cycle parking and charging points. If you slow the cars with more crossing points maybe raising the level of the road to kerb height, along with more trees which are great carbon scrubbers and planting for pollinators, or with natural swales for surface water drainage, air quality improves and people want to stay around for longer, go to more shops, spend more or just sit and watch the world go by. Making beautiful public space and High Roads is a good in itself, but crucially it also benefits in so many other ways: sustainability, economy, mental health, trading, community, lower carbon, social value, physical health and so much more.

The conversations and our thoughts will aid our next steps on the nearby Underpass project 🡢 as well.






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