Website Refurbishment Project



Website Refurbishment Project



After years of planning we are finally saying good-bye to our decade-old website and developing a fresh new homepage with graphic designer, Daniel Kozma. An exciting process to reflect on and replan our achievements and aims.

The old was designed by our friend Marcia Mihotich and served us since 2013. The design was inspired by a sketchbook and polaroid images. However, technology and time have overtaken us and it was time for a new system and fresh look. 2013-2022

In March 2022 we teamed up with graphic designer Daniel Kozma to help us develop a new website, that reflects our current aims and focus. As a first step Daniel created a temporary website (still available to view here), a one page scroll testing and teasing the direction of the new design: bold Helvetica text boxes, full bleed images and small ‘paintbox galleries’ arranged on a grid in front playful, unifying colours. The content focused on our recently completed St. Christopher’s Hospice CARE building, homes and community projects.

The new website will work as smoothly on desktops as on smartphones and tablets. On the technical side, we can update it with new projects and blog without the need of external help with coding. It will feature 21 projects, most published for the first time. We will add a professional services page and expand the News section to include updates and share longer pieces from our sketchbooks, written or drawn.

Colour palette by Daniel Kozma in collaboration with Mark Power

The process is a good excuse for the practice to reflect on both achievements of the past decade and future directions. We are excited to share the result with you and we welcome your comments, get in touch with us!

Thank you for Marcia Mihotich for designing and maintaining our old site! 🡢

Thank you for Daniel Kozma for the smooth and fruitful design process! 🡢

Thank you also to Lucy Mori who catalysed us to get on with it! 🡢

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