Summerlee Avenue


When the accumulated floor finishes were stripped out, the underlays were sheets of the local newspaper from the late 1920s: adverts for throat lozenges and trichology

At the end of a suburban terrace, with east, south and west orientations, the original house is late Arts & Crafts.  Over a series of projects it is being transformed into a contemporary low energy dwelling. Additional bedrooms in a wrap-around zinc and timber belvedere take in views of the wooded heights of Highgate. Hall and utility spaces provide storage and welcome at the entrance. The garden dining room takes the form of a loggia in natural finished Douglas Fir, pre-fabricated in Devon and reassembled on-site by EmanuelHendry 🡢 construction carpenters.

The garden façade is articulated in two bays each with triple glazed sliding windows identical except for one recessed, one projecting, evoking the barometric ambiguity of a weather-house: in summer you can sit outside on a brick sill sheltered from the rain, in winter inside on a sunny window bench. Both bays overlook a reclaimed brick terrace detached from the house and a woody glade beyond herbaceous borders.

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"I think they are architects or something..."

A pedestrian passing by






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